Top 10 Men and Women Fashion Photography Tips In This COVID Situation

Men and Women love Fashion Photography since its inception in the 1960s; however, what to do when you are stuck in situations like COVID 19? There are no one best possible answers to this question, but there are a lot of them; as much as the creative minds are concerned, they make ways when there appears no way out or in.

Here in this article, we have some interesting, innovative, and awesome Men and Women Fashion Photography Tips for you to help you in designing a set and taking mysterious as well as memorable shots. So, you will find two parts in this article with every five tips and also some bonuses too. The first one is about planning, and the other one is about plan execution. Let’s start with the first one;

First Part: The Planning

  1. Inspiration or Idea:

Inspiration and ideas are wild birds; they come and go whenever they want to, and if you’re going to keep them safe with you, you have to cage them. The cage of an idea and inspiration is its written form. Whenever you get an idea of photography, could you write it down? This is the first step in the planning process. Write everything in detail. You can take inspiration from anything; keep your eyes and heart along with your mind open and see while keeping your mouth shut.

  1. Select the place for your idea realization:

As soon as you get an idea, now it is time to set a location or locations to materialize your idea or inspiration. This placement of your concept will pave your third step towards your destination, i.e., taking your shots.

  1. Organize your mood boards

Now that you have a written plan with a selected place to realize your idea, here is the time to create and organize your mood boards; if you want to work with a team, you have to select in the next step.

  1. Select a team

It would help if you focused on your team now. Build it with care and caution; one wrong player can lose your match, so important and urgent is to concentrate on selecting artists who will help you perform at your best. The lone wolf can do a lot of things alone, but you are not a one-person army delegate and give your team a reason to stay with you.

  1. Communicate effectively

You are a photographer; you have to oversee the makeup, hair, styling, and other arrangements also. Be relax and keep your team relaxed, too, with your effective communication. Everyone should know what they all are expected, and who is responsible for what? Because in the end, your name will appear everywhere your fashion photo you publish. Be careful about it.

Part second: Plan execution

Now it is time to decide How to shoot unique pictures for men and women. For this part, the following are those fantastic tips that will help you to do your fashion photography. Here are ten Men and Women Fashion Photography Tips for you to execute your plan.

  1. Body hidden shots:

The photo without the body requires something to hide the body but make visible the hands and face. Like a pillow or cover while hands and face pop out of the curtain show that they are from the pad and not of a living person. Try it today and scare your friends and colleagues on Instagram or Snapchat.

  1. Mysterious lighted Shots:

Experts know that fashion photography needs some mystery; otherwise, they don’t sell well. Take shots when lighting effects give a dramatic touch to the picture you take. This can be done if the light is increased or decreased, meaning that the intensity of bright or dark combination in photos is eye-catchy and attention-grabbing.

  1. Exclusive and exotic outfits:

Amazing outwears that have unique color combinations and textures give your images unique and impressive outlooks that amaze your audiences.

  1. Blurring the images

Blur photos give a new dimension to your photography; whenever you feel that the photographs are dull and boring, try blurring a see what it shows you as a result.

  1. Change the backgrounds

Changing your backgrounds or locations that you or people find attractive and eye-grabbing. The more you change environments, the more it shows new angles that people like to see and enjoy.

  1. Classic and traditional outfits:

Classic and traditional outfits, along with amazing accessories, help you in shooting unique photographs. It looks incredible and fabulous in its stylish outlooks.

  1. Shooting in nature:

A picture taken in nature especially surrounded by water and flowers or scenarios like these gives an excellent outlook to the shot to your audiences.

  1. Lawn shooting at your backyard or garden

One of the things that you can take advantage of in this COVID 19 as a fashion photographer is using your lawn shooting at your background or garden; it always looks impressive when you see your ordinary life and home experience in new lenses.

  1. Shoot your children and spouse:

If COVID19 has taken all the prime places, you can shoot your models, then start shooting your children and your spouse in the best natural setting; these will be a treasure to your family later on.

  1. Make these days memorable:

Take every picture you can of these COVID19 days everything you think will worthy memory whenever you see back to it. Observe everything and execute your plan to deliver the best shots you can.

These were ten Men and Women Fashion Photography Tips that can give you an edge in these COVID19 conditions. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comment section below.

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